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Re-introducing the capsule wardrobe – part nine: raincoats

I find raincoat designers/manufacturers tend to concentrate on the new technology of waterproof fabric more than innovative and stylish design. 

This can be frustrating: I think the same criteria that one applies to a coat should apply to a raincoat.

As buyers, we are always offered beige, navy and black, or some flashy new colour which chic women are not interested in. Faced with this dilemma, we all tend to go for the quintessential stone coloured mac, although I’m always happy to offer my clients interesting fabrics in grey, or even a slatey blue. 


The recent fashion of the short raincoat – albeit very attractive – defeats the object.  However, women will suffer for fashion and buy a big umbrella

I have never understood why so many raincoats are belted and personally I will search high and low for a raincoat that has the same glamour as every other piece of clothing I buy.  Apart from Dusan, who uses unusual waterproof fabrics and good shapes, often  generously cut to go over many outfits, I haven’t been that successful so far.  I’ll keep you posted.