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Style dilemma: no need for a pregnant pause in your working wardrobe

A question was posted on the Fashion Forum page this week about finding clothes to wear during pregnancy that are suitable for wearing in the boardroom.  The writer says…


“I currently alternate wearing Mothercare maternity (fine for the beach, not the boardroom) or pre-pregnancy clothes (can’t breathe).”


… and she was interested in companies or styles for pregnancy.


This is something of which I have direct recent experience as Wardrobe has been a bit of a baby factory over the past couple of years, with three of our stylists and our tailor’s wife all having had babies.


None of the stylists bought maternity clothes.  Instead our tailor modified regular clothes from the shop.  Typically, they needed to go up one or two sizes; but by inserting elastic into trousers in strategic places and tapering skirts, the parts of their bodies that hadn’t enlarged still looked trim. 


With jackets we were able to adjust the shoulder area of the larger sizes and leave the bottom half of the jacket to absorb the bump.  And often loose tops that aren’t made for pregnant women can work well and you may not need to go up a size.


We also recently put a pregnant customer into a lovely double-breasted dress which we altered to become single-breasted during the pregnancy.  When she’d had the baby and was about to return to work, it was re-altered into the original double-breasted version.


Some fabrics work better than others during pregnancy.  For example linen and cotton are cool in the hotter summer months; and in winter wools with stretch content are better than fabrics that don’t stretch.


But other than that, with a little effort you shouldn’t need to change your style too much.


In my opinion, the most important thing to do is to find a shop with a really good tailor who can adapt normal clothes.  Like everything else, those growing bumps come in different shapes and sizes, so with the same individual attention you can maintain your style confidently – and comfortably – through your pregnancy.


If anyone has other thoughts or tips on this, please do comment below or, even better, on the Fashion Forum page.



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