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Confidence tips: how to look after your winter wardrobe

Now it’s cold enough to wear your winter wardrobe, here are a few tips for looking after it:

  • Leather garments – if you’ve just purchased your new boots, shoes and bag, don’t forget before you go out the first time to spray them with a water repellent spray. This is very important if the leather is not top quality as it may not recover from water marking, but I would suggest that you spray all leather just to be on the safe side.
  • Don’t wear your new outfit for the first time to a very important meeting. If you have to do so, try the outfit on with the shoes and the tights that you plan to wear, just to make sure the proportions and colour really work. Quite often, you’ll have a different idea about accessories when you get your garments home.
  • Make sure that your jackets are on hangers that don’t mark and make points in the shoulders. Often shops will offer you the hanger that the garment arrived with. Take it.
  • I think it’s worth investing in a high quality washing liquid if you intend to wash cashmere sweaters either by hand or in the machine. There are some very good ones on the market. They are expensive, but since you only need a very little amount, it is really worth it and will save on dry cleaning bills, while increasing the longevity of the garment. However it is worth bearing in mind that moths don’t like the smell of dry cleaning fluid and it’s sometimes advisable if you’ve had a moth problem to get the garment dry-cleaned before you pack it away for the summer.
  • Always remember to read the care instructions on your clothes very carefully and inform your dry cleaner of it as well because they don’t always pay full attention to the instructions. For example, P with a line underneath it shows that it should be cleaned in the most gentle way and, as I’ve said in the past, please use the most expensive dry cleaners you can afford – or an owner-operated one – I have heard many horror stories about dry cleaners.
  • Also regarding dry cleaning – I always enclose my own instructions and point out any stains in case they miss them. It’s worth noting the type of stain too, as different substances require different chemicals to remove them. Also I note on the same piece of paper, the make of the garment just in case it goes astray.