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Finally a strapless bra that holds its own

If you’ve ever spent time looking for a good strapless bra – one that actually stays up while giving you a good shape – you’ll know how hard it is.  Either they’re prone to slipping or they cut in on the breast and create an unsightly bulge.  And those that don’t tend to be lined with a rubbery fabric which is uncomfortable on the skin.

However, after many years of searching, I’ve found a style that doesn’t have these problems and is good for young or mature.  It is made by Marie Jo and is in their Ines range.  It fits well, it’s comfortable and attractive.  In my experience it’s hard to get all three in a strapless bra – and it’s particularly good for fuller and more mature busts.

Not only that, but if, like me, you have to have matching bottom half they do some nice shapes at that end too.