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Choose a buckle that knows when to belt up

It is difficult to find belts that look classy. A belt is a very important accessory to an outfit, but it doesn’t need to be a statement in itself. Unfortunately, too many years of bling have led most manufacturers to eschew the simple and stylish.

For me, the beauty in a belt comes from a combination of the leather and the buckle. They should complement each other not fight for dominance.

Look for simple shapes of buckle. They should be smooth so they don’t catch on sweaters. Simple sculptural shapes can look fabulous; but for more everyday use I’d go for more classic geometric shapes.

Generally gold or silver in colour, although we sell a lot of what the manufacturers call ‘fucile’ – a kind of gun metal colour pictured below which is really useful because it can be worn with gold or silver jewellery and so is very versatile.

The hook belt pictured here has become something of a signature belt for the Sfera collection as it seems to have the effect of flattering the waist and minimising tummy bulges. It has been so popular that we now do it every year in different colours and leathers to fit in with the rest of the collection.