About the blog

My six year old granddaughter recently said to me: “You really like shopping don’t you?”.  I told her: “No, what I really like is helping people look good”.

Helping to guide a woman to create a style which is right for her is the reason I love my job. 

In the past, when I’ve felt the urge to share what I’ve learned over what is now more than 35 years of helping women look and, importantly, feel confident, I wrote a book.

But while the messages in the books are still relevant (it’s 10 years since the last one Wardrobe Solutions and new clients continue to bring it in to the shop), I wanted to find a way to provide something useful on a more regular basis.

I work mostly with busy executive women who work internationally and are exposed to the apparently effortless style of their continental and American counterparts.  In fact it isn’t effortless: in most countries women have been brought up surrounded by a respect for clothes and an understanding of the role they play in their lives. They do work hard at achieving a personal style because they don’t see it as frivolous – and as a result they have confidence in their style.

The good news is that it can be learned – and it’s my mission to provide the guidance and encouragement for women who, whether or not they’ve been successful yet in their careers, haven’t yet achieved their desired confidence in their personal style.

I hope this blog will build up into a resource of timeless advice, up-to-date information and tips that will help women everywhere find their own style and, through that, to build confidence.

Confidence Tricks echoes Wardrobe’s early advertising campaigns.  The example below – from 1985 – is as relevant today as it was then. 


Like our advertising messages, I believe the ideas in my books are as relevant today as they were when I wrote them, so I’ll be heavily drawing on them and updating them here.

Please do share this blog with anyone you think will find it interesting or helpful.  And let me know what you think and any subjects you’d like me to cover by leaving a message on the forum page.