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Susie Faux is perhaps the leading authority on ‘personal packaging’.  Labelled by the press as a ‘sartorial psychologist’ and ‘the grooming magician’, she has, for more than 35 years, advised women  on everything from clothes and accessories to hair and make-up.


In 1973, Susie founded Wardrobe, a unique shop in London’s West End, where everything a woman needs to create a total look is under one roof. 


Susie not only sells fashion, she sells style and more importantly, confidence. She helps women look their best by incorporating their lifestyle and personality into their personal style. 


In the 70s, through Wardrobe, Susie became known for introducing British women to new designers which subsequently became famous – including Jil Sander, Gianfranco Ferre, and later Kiton and  Brioni.  And she continues to find the new names that are making a stir in Italy – Mantu and Santoni are among the current crop of designers that are combining innovation with classic style.


Before Susie could even walk she was surrounded by top quality fashion – she is the daughter and granddaughter of master ladies tailors – which helped her recognise the need for good quality clothing and creative styling for women.


It’s a passion that has continued to drive her.  Among many other innovative ideas, Susie invented the concept of  ‘The Capsule Wardrobe’ a phrase that has become ubiquitous in the fashion press. And she has written two books: “Wardrobe Develop your Style and Confidence” and “Susie Faux – Wardrobe Solutions”. 

Her latest venture is, Sfera, a unique collaboration with Milan-based designer Douglas Anderson to create a collection which is genuinely for today’s modern successful woman.

Susie can be contacted via Wardrobe: www.wardrobe.co.uk