Act your age and look younger: three good habits to get into

Here are three more tips to keep you looking and feeling your confident best.  I recommend them to all my customers and know from personal experience what a difference they make.

I can hear you saying ‘I know all of  this’ – and in truth it’s not rocket science – but do you actually do it?

  • Moisture
    Moisture is important both on the outside and on the inside. Most of us have a moisturising regime for our skin to keep it looking healthy and hydrated (and of course, don’t forget your hair).  Do the same for your inside. Every couple of hours or so make sure you have glass of water – by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated on the inside.  If you don’t already do this, you’ll be amazed at the increased energy levels when you do.
  • Exercise
    If you can get to the gym, great.  If not, build at least some gentle exercise into your day. Even if it’s just walking, or climbing up the stairs a few extra times a day, make sure you use other muscles than your brain.
  • Make lists
    This is a very good way of not appearing – and feeling – old because you will remember things, and not be worrying about forgetting them, leaving you free to concentrate on the task at hand. And put them where you’ll remember to look at  them.  I keep mine in my purse because I know I’ll be looking in several times a day.

None of these will take up time – all of them will help keep a spring in your step and your confidence levels high.


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