Jewellery for this season

This season, jewellery is all about ‘chunky’. The key issue is how you put it together. And, as with other parts of your outfit, you need to get the proportions right.

When clothes, like now, are made of technical fabrics and in sculptural designs, dainty jewellery doesn’t work. When wearing this spring’s clothes in particular, my advice is to concentrate on a good watch (a bigger watch will look younger, but try to find one that’s not covered in diamonds for a more edgy look), a bold ring (also not dainty), a chunky bangle and perhaps, a simple stud earring.

Chunky bangle

If your outfit has a big neckline, with a large collar for example, you don’t need a necklace. However, a simple body dress with a scooped neckline does. If you are going to wear a necklace, keep away from fine chains and find something a bit bolder.

Older women tend to wear a lot of jewellery from different eras – all together – and often don’t recognise that when fashion changes, so does jewellery. Sometimes wearing jewellery that was bought 10 or 15 years ago can really date an outfit – and you.

Unlike clothes, however, your jewellery pieces may come back into fashion – although the way you put them together with your current outfit may be different.

It’s quite similar to what we wore in the 1980s, but without the chunky earrings. Big earrings in particular will date you at the moment.


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