Cracking the code – my answers

Last week, I set a little teaser to see if you could figure out which of the outfits I posted would be most appropriate in different professional contexts.

Below is what I think. 

A little caveat first though:  There’s no right or wrong about this. Most of the the outfits would look great in most of the professional environments, depending on the wearer’s personality and individual style. (And the pictures all feature a single model.) So I’m not even going to explain why I think is each right.

The point of the exercise (which I hope has worked!) is that I’m guessing you intuitively thought the same as me for most of them, which just demonstrates that we all recognise the dress codes in operation everywhere. 

So here is my solution:

The entrepreneurial CEO 

The city executives (these outfits are particularly good for to day to evening wear)

The lawyer

The IT executive

The consultant

The advertising/creative industry executives

The magazine exec

The film company executive

If we do have a common intuitive appreciation of appropriate dress for various professional contexts, then the trick is to discover your own personal solution to cracking the code. 

If you can do it you will look both successful and confident.  This will increase the confidence of others in your ability to help them; and just knowing it will be a huge boost to your own confidence.


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