Hair today. Hair here tomorrow

I’m a little bit shocked to be writing this post.

I had thought after so long that there wasn’t an area of personal grooming where I was making basic mistakes.

That was until a few months ago when, along with some clients who had asked me how to deal with the effects of age on their hair, we met with a trichologist for individual consultations.

Here’s what I learned:

  • There’s nothing wrong with washing your hair every day. I had always believed (and been told, I think) that daily hairwashing was bad.  Not so. In retrospect it’s obvious that your hair is going to get as dirty as your face so, especially if you’re living in the pollution of a city, you really should wash it every day but with a good quality mild shampoo.
  • You should get a regular “facial” for your hair. Just as you might have a regular facial, a regular hair treatment which includes a mask for your hair can keep it in great condition.
    I was persuaded to try a course of treatments – basically a hair mask once a week for a month) – and I can’t believe the difference in the quality of my hair and the longer staying power of my hair colour.  Philip Kingsley’s is the tops; but Kerastase and others have a good range.

  • Diet can make a big difference to your hair. We were given advice on a range of dietary issues that would make a difference. For example, if you don’t eat red meat you might be lacking in iron which is needed for hair quality and growth.

Each client received a different appraisal but everyone agreed it was money well spent for the future.

If you’re at all concerned about what’s happening to your hair, or if you just want to maximise its healthy appearance, I recommend finding out what would work for you.

For a good introduction to this area, Philip Kingsley has written a useful book called Happy Hair Days: 50 Tips for Healthy Hair.