Act your age and look younger: make-up

Looking in the mirror before we put make-up on is one time when the ageing process is all too apparent.  Here are a few make-up tips so that it’s less apparent to others:

  • The word to keep in mind is ‘natural’. There are lots of new colours of make-up on the market that are natural – experiment with them to see what works well for you. And think about updating every six months or so, especially eye and lip and blusher colours.
  • Look at the mineral powders that are now on the market. Bare Minerals, for example, provides good coverage, but is very light.  Application of the product takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s well worth it.

  • And By Terry Plumping foundation and primer, which has a pearl effect that’s light and a lovely finish to most skins, is a great option for the natural look

  • As for eyes, the more mature should never go for glitter eye shadow.  I’ve always agreed with Bobbi Brown’s philosophy about neutral colours around the eyes because they look very natural and yet define the eye area
  • Since lashes suffer as you get older, conditioning mascara is a good idea.  Chantecaille’s new conditioning mascara provides a nice texture – again, natural but defining. 

  • Chantecaille also do a blusher stick  which is water based so it’s very hydrating, very easy to apply and gives a natural glow to the skin. You need to remember to replace the internal cap of this product to protect the water content.


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