Confidence tip: simplicity stands out

As you walk down the street, look around and ask yourself who stands out.  Not the clothes, but the person.

I find it’s people who are very simply, but stylishly dressed.  Not funky, bling, or teetering on six inch heels.

Simplicity Sfera coat

You won’t stand out if you look like everybody else. And everybody else is wearing whatever the magazines dictate – things that look good on models’ bodies on the catwalk.  Things that are decidedly not simple – simplicity doesn’t sell magazines.

It can be difficult to get simplicity right. Simplicity has to fit; simplicity has to be well designed; simplicity has to be made in good fabrics.  You can’t do simple cheaply. 

It can also be hard to find: try to find a simple bag that’s beautifully made and elegant that hasn’t got all kinds of handbag ‘furniture’ on it.  It’s almost impossible.  If it’s expensive these days it seems to have to be unnecessarily elaborate. 

Simplicity Sfera dress

But it’s worth the effort to find it. Simplicity is the best way to camouflage the bits that need it – well-cut it will enhance your body shape.  In previous times, that’s why women would have clothes made to measure.  In those days, tailors were also designers – today that is rarely the case, so made to measure tends to be a boring option.

And simplicity is the best way to let your individuality shine through.

So next time you are looking for something that feels a bit glamorous, think about whether you want to be invisibly trendy or simply individual.


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