Style dilemma: the office party

If you work in an office, talk is probably turning to the office party – that special day where you have to spend time in the loo with your colleagues transforming yourself from your usual sophisticated work-self into…

Into what?

Here are some tips to help you dress up without dropping your standards.

First, confidence is as important in the evening as it is during the day. Don’t wear what you wouldn’t wear at other times. Most women panic when they see younger colleagues and try to compete. It usually makes them look older. Don’t do it.

Remember as you choose your outfit that simplicity stands out. A simple, well-cut outfit/dress will be the most flattering thing you can wear.


Do, however, glam up the make-up; step up the heels; dress up the neck line; and pick up an interesting bag; possibly using the bag to bring a bit of colour to your outfit.

It’s worth getting some professional advice on evening make up; but in any case don’t use too much glitter on your eyes or too heavy an application of lipstick. There’s a great lipstick by Laura Mercier which is bright red, but sheer and a good evening colour – its name is Poppy.


Even if you’re wearing a suit to the party, dress it up with an attractive top or shirt. (It’s always a good idea to keep a dressy top, a pair of heels and some stronger make-up in the office so you can easily move from office to evening occasion.)

Finally, make sure you can walk in your heels – so you’re not in pain or unsteady on your feet – or you’ll start to look the worse for wear earlier than necessary!


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