Re-introducing the capsule wardrobe: tights

The question I most often get asked about tights is: should they be worn to match the shoes or the outfit?

This is not a straightforward question as you need to think about the colour and the denier of the tight with the colour and proportions of the outfit and shoes; and getting the wrong denier or colour of tights can affect the overall look.

It’s always worth getting advice. I personally go to Wolford for both their advice and their product.

However, here are some guidelines which should help as you put together your capsule.

  • In general, the colour of the tights should complement the shoe before the outfit. This does not mean you need to wear a green tight with a green shoe or a red tight with a red shoe. Depending on the hue of the shoe, I might be tempted to go with a barely black, dark brown or a more natural tight with either of these. The best option may depend on the fabric of the outfit and even on the colour of the buttons.


  • A darker tight is always more flattering if your legs are less than perfect, which is why women with heavier legs prefer showing them in winter when they can wear thicker and more controlling tights.
  • The appropriate denier generally depends on the fabric of the outfit. For example, a tweed outfit, of which this season there are many, looks out of proportion with a sheer tight.  However, sometimes a thicker tight looks modern with a thin fabric.  Again, professional help will ensure you get it right


  • The whole denier system is a bit confusing – there are lots of different ones and they are sometimes inconsistent between brands.  My advice is to go into a shop and look at them with the salesperson with your outfit in mind (and possibly even in hand).
  • If this seems daunting, the best advice I can give is to ask the salesperson (ideally in a tights shop) for some help.  It will soon become apparent what denier works.

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  • I am also a fan of Wolford products, particularly their Synergy Light tights in caramel, which although quite thick looking off make anyone’s legs look amazing when they’re on.

    However, I can also recommend Pure Matt 50 by Falke. These tights are a semi opaque matt and their colour Brenda (a really perfect expresso brown) is super flattering with almost anything. They are also a little cheaper than Wolford but have the same longevity. Hope this is helpful to someone!

    Best wishes,

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