Rant: what is the fashion press for?

Having recently come back from a buying trip in Milan where everyone is talking about tailoring and classic modern styling, I’m looking at magazine and newspaper coverage here in the UK and it’s frankly exasperating.

Journalists are criticising the Italian catwalks as being flippant and un-commercial (albeit while praising them for their beautiful fabrics).  Yet, looking at the pictures, there is hardly a tailored piece in sight. And when they do show what they think is tailoring, it’s something that nobody over the age of 25 could wear.

There are beautiful tailored clothes available if you know where to look for them (even if the catwalks are dominated by magazine picture fodder). You’d think that fashion journalists would be seeking to discover clothes that their readers could wear.  It seems to me that the photography is dominating the clothes and the photography is all about art not about style.

What is it that has happened to the fashion press that has made it impossible for fashion editors to co-ordinate their editorial with the photographs.

The resurgence of elegant style, what the Italians call “buongusto”, is happening anyway: amid the doom and gloom, Wardrobe has had one of its best seasons ever because our buy did reflect what the journalists were saying, but didn’t have to worry about what sells magazines; and also because our stylists do the job that the fashion press should be doing better – showing women how to put together a modern, edgily classic style rather than criticising the clothes in the photos they decide to publish.

Rant over.


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