Why am I writing a blog?

It’s all about confidence
One constant theme that has run through all of my work over more than three decades of running Wardrobe is helping women build confidence.

I set up Wardrobe in 1973 after working in recruitment because I saw the way people dressed for interviews and realised that it was contributing to women not getting the jobs they deserved.  It was (and still is) easier for men to look the part for senior level job interviews – a suit and tie pretty much does it. 

For women it was and is much more complicated because there are so many more components that have to work together to create a personal, comfortable identity – accessories, hair and make-up for example. There was (and, I believe, still is)  little advice available in shops or magazines to help women dress in a way that would help them fulfil their potential in a business environment without taking away their personal identity.

35 years on, the world has changed; but the question – how can women create a personal style that helps them look and feel confident in whatever situation they find themselves? – is if anything even more pertinent:

  • Women have moved up the corporate ladder; but, without having developed a simple solution to dressing for the coprorate world
  • The big labels are putting an increasing proportion of their spend on promotion at the expense of fabrics and hand-finishing. Which is fine if you want people to know that you’ve bought the latest trendy outfit; but not so good if you want to develop your own personal style and choose clothes that really suit and fit you
  • And the media, bombarded with PR and ever declining travel budgets, are in general finding it harder to do much more than write about the big names that their audiences already know about (Jil Sander had been in Wardrobe for 5 years before it was noticed)

As new clients come into the shop, they still tell us that we are unique in the way we help them put together their own style which gives them confidence in whatever siutaion they find themselves – whether business or social.

So this blog is a contribution to filling that gap for women everywhere.

Do come back soon.


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