Comfort Chic: How to achieve a versatile capsule for the weekend away

I’ve been asked to discuss a capsule wardrobe for: “a weekend away in a country house hotel; in London doing the sights, shows and shopping and dining; and a long weekend in a luxury hotel in a warm (not hot) hotel abroad”.


In fact all three can be pretty similar when you get the capsule wardrobe right.


What you’re looking for here is what I call comfort chic.  This can easily be achieved with a couple of well cut pairs of trousers (one of which could be black) and jeans; a comfortable boot or shoe; and a coat or raincoat depending on whether it’s winter or summer, as the basis.


Then add a couple of white shirts; two or three sweaters and a chic cardigan and a coat for winter – or a casual jacket for summer.  A great scarf and a chunky necklace to wear over the shirts can be very useful.


For the evenings, I suggest a simple well-cut dress and a change of earrings and some sexy shoes to glam it up a bit.  You could also take an evening shirt which could be worn with the black trousers.


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  • I like the idea of a chic cardigan, but more details please – colour or neutral ? Style ?

    • Hi Penelope, In this instance a neutral cardigan gives you more options. And really, long or short depends on the styling of the current season; as we’re coming into the winter season, I would suggest some of the long cardigans that have either short or three quarters sleeves as a wonderful option. Italian company Mantu have the ideal garment and hopefully I’ll have pictures of this in the near future.

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