Confidence Tips #4: what to wear when travelling

“At airports I think you can spot British people because they are so badly dressed. I know comfort is important but surely it is possible to look good too.”  So wrote Penelope on the Confidence Tricks Fashion Forum page.

Here are some tips on how to look good when travelling. 

The two things, above all, to remember are: stretchy not baggy for comfort; and it’s the scarf, bag, belt and shoes that makes you look like the confident international jetsetter.

Many people, when they travel take things that are comfortable but don’t work together – so they end up with a mix of styles and colours.  From personal experience (and I travel a lot) I make sure I have within my wardrobe pieces that work particularly well for travelling (whether by car or plane).

Essentials are:

·         Comfortable well cut stretch jeans – blue denim or a light colour – or techno fabric trousers with elasten.  The great thing about stretch fabrics is that no matter how long you sit in them, they still look respectable

·         Summer or winter sweater depending on where you’re going

·         A shortish jacket because you’ll be sitting in it for long periods and you don’t want to be sitting on it

·         A chic scarf, soft bag, belt and, depending on whether it’s summer or winter a comfortable short boot, shoe or sandal. 

·         For longer flights, when your feet swell, you could do worse than these shoes from Ruco Line that have a slight wedge to them. 

Also Russell and Bromley do a shoe with a slightly elasticated body, also with a slight wedge, so they look good and allow you walk comfortably through the never ending airport corridors.

·         Summer or winter,  always accessorize with a scarf – it looks modern and finishes your outfit.  And you can find very fine ones for summer

·         On long haul flights, don’t wear mascara, just eye shadow to avoid the panda eyes look; and also use a night cream, rather than day cream as moisturiser as it’s slightly thicker and helps combat the in-flight dryness

·         If you’re not travelling business class, take an easily accessible toothbrush/paste as after a long flight brushing your teeth is a quick revitaliser.  And a small Evian spray or similar is a good way to moisturize and leave your face looking and feeling fresh

·         I always take a shawl to cuddle up with in case the air conditioning is fierce

When the destination climate is very different from the departure, the trick is layering.  Stick a t-shirt in your bag to change into if its going to be hot at the other end.  Or just wear a long sleeved stretch shirt.  When you arrive, roll up the sleeves, take off your socks and pop your jacket over your arm.

And finally, wherever you’re going, keep your sunglasses at the ready – even if it’s not sunny, at the end of a long journey, they’re a good way to hide your travel eyes.


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