Getting on board for the right reasons

Interesting piece on CNN today referring to research that showed that women make up less than 12% of FTSE 100 boards.

The reason according to the researcher was not that women lacked the skills – but that they looked like they lacked them.  According to the research, when there is only one woman on the board, she is very often regarded as only able to deal with women’s issues; when there are two women, they are often seen to as competition for each other; three is the critical number to get to.

With 12% of board representation in total, there can’t be many boards with three women on them.

How important then for women to ensure that they do look as though they belong in the boardroom.  Which means that they need to pay attention to their appearance – to ensure that they look successful, international and approachable – there as a board member, not as a woman.


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