I’m loving La Perla again

Last week, I wrote about the effects of gravity on our bodies and the importance of ensuring that bras are worn properly.

It got me thinking about my own lingerie.  Lingerie is not something I cover often as we don’t sell it at Wardrobe; but putting on really pretty underwear makes most women feel good.

I have found that it is difficult to find lingerie for women of a certain age and a certain size which is made from the kinds of fabric that makes for lovely lingerie.

As a loyal devotee of La Perla for many years, I was disappointed when some years ago I found I was no longer able to find things from them that would fit women of a certain age.

However, I was delighted this week when out looking for summer lingerie and feeling in need of a change from the more everyday styles, to see that they have come back to designing for more than just young pert boobs. 

La Perla has always used interesting and good quality fabrics for their garments which are not heavy and are very feminine. So finding a few styles available in up to a size E and with a fuller cut is good news.

Obviously, that’s not going to be of much use if your bust is bigger than this. For women with larger busts, I wrote this post (http://confidencetricks.susiefaux.com/?p=1063)   a while back with lots of additional confidence tips for the bigger bust.


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