Confidence tips: defying gravity

The top half

I was watching TV while travelling recently and, as often happens, was wondering whether women presenters are given any advice or help with their choice of clothes.  It must be hard being on TV most days and needing to think about what to wear each time when they presumably haven’t had any advice on how to put together a look.

On this occasion, I couldn’t help noticing that the bust darts of the jacket this particular presenter was wearing were not in the same place as her bust.  I find this to be a very common problem: women generally don’t pay enough attention to the way that their garments fit across the bust area.

This is a combination of the individual’s bust (which will only go one way as we go older), the cut of the garment and the bra that they wear.

Here’s the gravity defying tip: the best way to avoid the apparent sag to an otherwise well fitting garment is to check that your bra straps haven’t become loosened during washing (they often do). It is very important that, each time you put a bra on, you check that both straps are equal; and you should be aware that after several months of washing the straps may become stretched and need to be adjusted.

The fit of a garment be it a jacket or dress or blouse, in particular whether or not the garment gapes is largely due to the positioning of the bust, and the effect of the apparent droop is if it doesn’t fit is magnified; so it’s worth keeping an eye on your bra. 

Even if you’re not on TV every day.

The bottom half

If you’re finding as the majority of women do, that as you get older, your bum is getting flatter and spoiling the look of your favourite garments, there is something you can do.  With the help of a good tailor the back of the trouser can be lifted into the waistband which gives a much better shape to the bottom and legs.  This also can apply to dresses and skirts with waistbands if you want a more tapered look.


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