Your clothes aren’t better the second time around

At this time of year, I often hear “I have a dress which is 20 years old but seems to be back in fashion”. This is particularly relevant this season, as some of the styles are reminiscent of the 80s.


Don’t even think about wearing it.


Because the problem is that nothing really comes back exactly the same but most importantly neither have you. The dress may not have changed that much BUT you have. Wearing clothes you bought 20 years ago will really date you and I truly believe giving it to a daughter/niece/friend will be a much better idea! Sometimes the trendiest clothes on “women of a certain age” age them more than they realise.


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  • Sorry Susie – I love that jacket you sold me 20 years ago. You said it would last, and I really can’t give it up (shoulder pads n’all)! Bought 4 new ones this year though.

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