Why you should get over the rainbow

I’ve noticed lately that several fashion journalists of a certain age are telling their readers of a certain age to steer clear of beige and classic neutrals and wear bright colours. I think this advice is wrong – or at least incomplete.

They argue that as you get older you should think about wearing bright colours because they are fun and a more bold appearance will get you noticed.  This may be so, but there is a danger of being noticed for the wrong reasons; of looking like you’re trying too hard to look younger rather than being your confident self.

In general, unless you are buying very high quality fabrics, neutral colours look more expensive and suit older skin tones much better than the brights.  You’re much better off, as I advise with the capsule wardrobe for everyone, to stick to neutrals for your main pieces and do the colourful creativity bit with accessories.  This way your clothes also won’t date so quickly.

Having said that if you are able to afford the better fabrics there are shades of the stronger colours which look amazing. In this respect, colour and fabric are inextricably linked and there are many shades of the same colour.

I’ve just returned from my buying trip in Milan and I didn’t see many strong colours in the shops with the exception of the mass market stores or stores that use very expensive fabrics and are able to show subtle shades of red, blue, amethyst etc. Make these colours in cheaper fabrics and they will look cheap.

What colours do I recommend? This season start with a grey (there are many different shades), green or navy and use a scarf or maybe a sweater in cashmere, cashmere/silk or a top quality merino wool to bring in a dash of colour – perhaps a burgundy, blush, blue or amethyst.

Building your individual confident style will get you noticed in a much more positive way than trying to look younger with bright, cheap-looking colours which will actually date you more.

Put another way, getting over the rainbow, will stop you looking over the hill.


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  • Hi Susie

    I have just re-read “Why you should get over the rainbow” – sound advice as always – do you have any recommendations for this season?

    Do you have any advice/views regarding the “prescribed” personal ideal colours for clothes and makeup and the use of specific colour swatches used by the colour me beautiful and other image /style consultants?

    • Hi Evelyn

      I’ve written a little about colour in this week’s post. Glad you asked about prescibed colours and swatches, etc… More on that next week.

      Warmest regards


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