Confidence tips: The lengths you’ll want to go to this season

Each season I am regularly asked for advice on the lengths of three things: skirts, trousers and hair.  Obviously, it depends a lot on the individual and how you are developing your own confident style; but it’s good to be aware of the impact of the general trends as you invest in your wardrobe.

Here’s how I’m answering this season. 


Skirt lengths are going a little lower – just below the knee – and are a slim shape which should be tapered.  How tapered it should be depends on your body shape.  There are no hard and fast rules on this; in general, you wouldn’t taper on big hips as much as on slimmer hips, although if you are tall, you might want to taper it a lot.  Much is dependent on the shape of your thighs, too. My preference is for straight skirts as they are generally more flattering for most women.

If you’re not sure about investing in longer skirts, let me assure you that I’m already working on plans for next winter’s collection and it’s clear that the trend towards longer skirts will continue, so my advice is that you should go with the flow to remain up-to-the-minute – this season’s longer skirts won’t look that long next year…  


Trousers have gone slimmer this season and the lengths can vary from a full normal length trouser to a cropped trouser which finishes at the ankle – often with a small turn up. Quite often the more fashionable shapes have pleats. Tip: shoe heights with a cropped trouser will vary from woman to women but they do look good with a short boot and small chunky heel.


The more fashionable styles this season are shorter – generally chin length or slightly longer.  This is because shirts have become a real staple and roll neck sweaters are very prominent. Shorter hair looks less heavy with these.  The trick is to leave it just long enough that you can tie it back on days when you’re short of time.

The big thing with shorter hair is that it must be cut by a really good hairdresser because the quality of the cut is so much more visible.


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