Camel? That ship (of the desert) has sailed

I was really surprised to see in a national press fashion page this week that “camel” is back. True, camel had a bit of a revival last season, but things have moved on.

This season, instead of the yellowy tones of camel and similar colours, we’re seeing more pinky and grey tones.  There are some wonderful blush coloured wools and cashmeres and all kinds of shades of grey. You’ll even find boots and shoes in grey.

Alongside these there are varying shades of “grape” from deep raisin to powdery amethyst – and a touch of winter red.

Check out the new season Wardrobe website where there are lots of examples of these wonderful winter colours from our collection.

Other trends to look out for this season are dresses that are curvy and sophisticated in style; jackets that have gone shorter, so that suits have taken on a slightly different silhouette; and the appearance of hats as a more visible everyday accessory.

And not a camel in sight.


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