Confidence tips for the bigger bust

Of all the body parts which women want to camouflage or accentuate, bigger breasts seem to create the most angst in a work environment among women who sometimes feel that they their breasts get more attention than their contribution. And this can reduce confidence.

Here are some tips for handling this issue the working environment:

  • Go for a lower neckline.  This might be counter-intuitive, but a lower neckline breaks up the expanse between the bust and the neck. 
  • Don’t go too low.  Your lower neckline should show off décolleté, not cleavage. The worst thing you can do if you want to be taken seriously at work is to show cleavage – save that for the evening.
  • The first and most important purchase for anyone with big breasts, particularly if they are much bigger than average, is a well-fitting bra.  These can be difficult to find, but it is worth looking and investing when you find one that’s right for you. Standard underwear can leave you looking droopy, but good underwear is sculptural and will last longer as good fabric can cope with the extra weight.
  • Collars with revers on shirts are good because you are taking the emphasis off the breasts and dispersing it across the other parts of the upper body.  Make sure that the shirt is loose enough across the bust so that the buttons don’t gape.
  • Tops with capped sleeves are more attractive on bigger busts than sleeveless.
  • Stretchier fabrics are more flattering on a large bust – and fabrics that drape nicely, such as a silky jersey or certain man-made fabrics are good on bigger busts. Avoid anything that clings.
  • When buying a suit or dress don’t break up the bottom half with very different colours – keep it relatively monochrome.  A white shirt can be flattering, but a simple white top with no collar or buttons isn’t, again because it leave a big expense of fabric which will draw people’s eyes.
  • Single breasted jackets are easier than double breasted.  There are some incredibly well cut double breasted jackets which can look terrific, but they must be tailored and fit well.

Obviously, all of this applies differently depending on how much bigger than average you are.  But in principle my advice to people with big busts is, as with any part of the body, to accept that it is part of you and find clothes that accentuate or camouflage as appropriate.