Protecting your wardrobe investment

One of the most aggravating things when you come to change your wardrobe from summer to winter or vice versa is finding your favourite cashmere sweater has been used as a meal by a hungry moth.

It’s around now, when eggs are being laid and start to hatch – and just as we’re putting away our winter clothes for the summer months – that the damage is being done. Once you see the moth it could be too late.

Here’s how to give your clothes the best chance of surviving being put away for the summer intact:

  • Never put away clothes that haven’t been cleaned. Moths love the smell of food and skin in clothes. Ideally, they should be dry cleaned as moths don’t like the smell of dry-cleaning fluid, but at the very least they should be laundered.
  • It’s worth steam pressing clothes before putting them away, even for short periods at this time of year as the steam will kill off odours. Get something like the Tefal steam generator iron, and this task will take a matter of minutes. Let the clothes air a little before putting them away.

  • (Even aside from the storage issue, a box steamer like this is a great tool as you can press a dress in seconds and a pair of trousers in a couple of minutes.)
  • Natural aromas that ward off moths include lavender and cedar – and there are vast numbers of products that introduce these into your wardrobe.
  • I prefer to use cotton bags rather than plastic ones for storage.  You can get plastic ones impregnated with anti-moth products, which are good, but I find they seem to attract dust.  I really like the storage bags from Total Wardrobe Care.


In fact, for a one-stop shop for storage and other clothes care, do take a look at the Total Wardrobe Care site.


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