Confidence Tip: Why you should beware of made to measure

I was catching up on some reading and came across a piece in The Times’ Luxx magazine about an increasing number of women, including Kate Moss and Annie Lennox, going to Saville Row to find bespoke tailoring from men’s tailors.  You’ll find it here, on page 45 of edition 10.

Now, I’m the first to say that there isn’t enough good tailoring that is neither overly funky or boring available for women – that’s why I started Sfera, and why it’s been so successful for us.

But I would strongly advise caution with the Saville Row approach.  Unless you are very beautiful – in the mould of the women featured in the article – or know exactly what you’re looking for, going to a men’s tailor could leave you looking like you’re wearing your husband’s suit.

The basic construction of men’s and women’s suits is, as it says in the article, similar but a women’s jacket needs other things – not least because women have boobs and are more curvy than men. Annie Lennox may look great in a very masculine suit, but I think many women wouldn’t.

Tailoring for women may have some masculine tendencies but in order for it work well it needs the eye and design skills of a womenswear designer who understands the feminine form.

For example, the suit below has a high feminine rever – this season done with a wider trouser.  Next season the trousers will be slightly narrower with some longer jackets. And this is only one of eight styles of trouser suit that change each season, done in many fabrics to flatter the female form.


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