What to wear when travelling – the grand tour

With the sun streaming in through the window for two days in a row, thoughts turn to holidays. On the Fashion Forum, E asked for advice on what to wear for a bit of a ‘grand tour’ driving/sightseeing holiday, so here is an update on the travelling capsule.

Last year, I wrote about how to achieve a versatile wardrobe for a weekend away .

The advice in that post still stands: what you are aiming for is what I call Comfort Chic.  So check back to it and then read on here for the update.

If you’re travelling around at this time of year, you’ll need a lightweight summer coat. A classic navy blue blazer is very in at the moment. Or you might go for an edgy twinset, sweater or summer jacket like the ones pictured below.


Any of these can be worn with jeans or any narrow trousers in beige or white – well cut stretch fabrics are best if you’re going to be sitting down a lot – and with sneakers (check out Tod’s for a great range), a summer boot or a comfy flat or kitten heel shoe as shown below.


Add in some nice T-shirts – probably long-sleeved at this time of year; and a scarf, either a gauzy cashmere if it’s going to be cold, or linen for a warmer climate. Make sure the scarf has lots of fabric to soften the neckline of a mannishly cut blazer.

To finish off ad a nice big bangle and simple stylish bag for carrying around the daily necessities.


You might also take a look at my What to Wear When Travelling post from last year, which was mostly about flying, but most of which also applies if you’re driving around.


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  • This is really useful, Susie. I’m going to be doing a trip through Austria by car in the summer, including a few days in a city – Vienna or Salzburg – so this will be the basis of my packing list. I’m intrigued by summer boots, but how to wear them ? Could we have more on this, please ?

    • Hi Penelope

      The summer boots I like are usually nappa leather or suede in a light colour like beige or tan. Wear them with jeans or trousers cropped to the ankle. They can be worn with skirts and dresses – but I wouldn’t advise anyone over 30ish to do so.

      I noticed that Russell and Bromley have some that fit the bill, so you may want to look there.

      Warmest regards


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